Vaccinations – Gretchen Chapman, PhD – Rutgers University

Recent work on behavioral insight show that people are more likely to engage in healthy behavior if the environment makes that behavior really easy.

Dr. Gretchen Chapman is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences. Her research focuses on how judgment and decision makes compares to how people make decisions with normative models of the best or most rational method for making decisions with a concentration on decision processes that are important in the areas of health and medicine. One of her long-standing interests concerns are the roles of risk and time delay in decision making, and how these play out in preventive health behavior. In a series of studies, she explored factors associated with the decision to receive a flu shot. These factors include perceived risks and benefits, anticipated emotions such as worry, social factors such as perceived norms and job role, and interpersonal factors such as altruistic benefits of vaccinating. Learn more about Dr. Gretchen Chapman here.