Tourism in Cuba – Ricardo Perez, PhD – Eastern Connecticut State University

Jardines del Rey constitutes an impressive ecosystem with mangrove forests, sandy beaches and coral reefs, which can be threatened without careful implementation of tourism development plans.

Dr. Ricardo Perez is a Professor of Anthropology at Eastern Connecticut State University. His research interest include cultural, economic, and urban anthropology; sustainable development; globalization and Caribbean transnational migration. Dr. Perez’s current research focuses on state-driven development processes in the context of economic and cultural globalization and examines the economic, cultural and environmental aspects of tourism development in Cuba since the early 1990s. He has conducted fieldwork in Puerto Rico, Cuba and the United States. In 2005, Dr. Perez initiated a research project in the “emerging tourist area” of Jardines del Rey, where some of the most important tourism development projects are currently under way. Learn more about Dr. Perez here.