Positive Organizational Behavior – Dr. Maura Mills, Ph.D. – University of Alabama

The work-family literature increasing suggests that family and work domains influence each other, including evidence that family factors are linked to work decisions and vice versa.

Dr. Maura Mills is an Assistant Professor of Management in the Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama. Her research interests include the work-family interface and employee attitudes. Dr. Mills has published more than 20 articles in peer-refereed journals such as Human Relations, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Gender in Management, among others. She has also authored several chapters, and recently compiled an edited book (Gender and the Work-Family Experience: An Intersection of Two Domains; Springer Publishing), which has received wide praise. Learn more about Dr. Maura Mills here: https://culverhouse.ua.edu/directory/profile/mjmills