Physical Activity Interventions for Endometrial Cancer Survivors – Dr. Amerigo Rossi, EdD – Long Island University Brooklyn

Endometrial cancer survivors are the least physically active of all cancer survivors, with only 33% participating in regular physical activity. They have a higher risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer recurrence.

Mr. Amerigo Rossi is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Athletic Training, Health & Exercise Science at Long Island University Brooklyn. He graduated with an Ed.D. from Teachers College in 2015. Mr. Rossi’s past research included other studies, such as “Physical Activity-related Differences in Body Mass Index and Patient Reported Quality of Life in Socioculturally Diverse Endometrial Cancer Survivors,” and “Feasibility of a Physical Activity Intervention for Obese, Socioculturally Diverse Endometrial Cancer Survivors.” Learn more about Dr. Rossi here.