Mental Health Among Teen Mothers – Dominique Pareja Behague, PhD – King’s College London

Teen motherhood is a heterogeneous experience and many teen mothers experienced no prolonged mental morbidity.

Dr. Dominique Behague is an Anthropologist and Epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University and King’s College London. Her main area of research is a direct outgrowth of her long-term research experience in Southern Brazil and is a collaborative project with the Department of Social Medicine at the Federal University of Pelotas and the LSHTM. Using long-term ethnographic methods and anthropologically-informed epidemiological surveys, the most recent phase of this project explores how the medicalization of “adolescence” has been shaped by health care reform, the governance of health and economic inequities, and the psychiatric de-institutionalization movement. Learn more about Dr. Dominique Behague here.