Diet and Physical Activity – Brook Harmon, PhD, RD – University of Memphis

In a study with college students, we found they believe family members were highly influential;  especially for physical activity, while their significant other affected diet choices.

Dr. Brook Harmon is an Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Memphis School of Public Health. Her research focuses on community-based participatory research, nutrition and physical activity behavior change; and obesity and chronic disease prevention. Dr. Harmon utilizes the application of community-based participatory research practices to examine the role of the faith-based community in the development and implementation of health and disease prevention programs. Much of her work includes partnering with African-American churches to promote health through culinary and physical activity skills training as well as research on leadership and environmental factors that influence healthy behaviors. She is also a registered dietitian and holds a certificate in gerontology. Before earning her doctorate, she served as the Director of Dietary Interventions for nearly 6 years at the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the University of South Carolina. Learn more about Dr. Brook Harmon here.