Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease – Erin Abner, PhD – University of Kentucky

When we examined database on brain autopsies it is clear that diabetes drives through a vascular injury and not Alzheimer’s Disease. This is good news because it means that cognitive dysfunction from diabetes can likely be prevented.

Dr. Erin Abner is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. Her research interests include clinicopathological correlations, the use of Markov chains in longitudinal data analysis, practice effects in cognitive screening instruments, and the relationship between cognitive impairment and self-rated quality of life. She focuses in the clinical area of Alzheimer’s disease and associated disorders and has a general interest in aging research. In 2013 Dr. Abner was awarded the Caldwell Book Award for Excellence in Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Learn more about Dr. Erin Abner here.