Windows 10 Upgrade for College PCs

A Windows 10 upgrade is now available through Software Center – users can install this on their own!  The upgrade process provides temporary data backup to a network drive to ensure that your data is  safe during the upgrade. All settings and installed applications will remain unchanged.  Please contact the IT division if you encounter any issues.  More information will be sent to the campus community.

Working Together Across Business Units

The Desktop Support unit’s new tech team member, Rayshon Patterson, recently paired with Media Technology Services staff member, Handal Abdelrahim, to complete a complex operation in one of the Music Department’s smart classrooms. Maneuvering this critical operation required communication, collaboration across units and conquering the challenges inherent to the technical field. It involved troubleshooting an unresponsive Smartboard, re-imaging the computer, and ensuring that the correct drivers were installed to ensure the advanced functionality of the software for faculty use.

The close teamwork of Rayshon and Handal was a result of the active support from the managers of the respective units, which ensures the delivery, dependability, and availability of high quality classroom technology for teaching, learning and creativity. It includes, but is not limited to, providing rapid responses to high priority classroom technology service requests.

What this example demonstrates is attention to detail, the ability to cross-collaborate successfully and impeccable customer service skills. This is daily life, and it drives the engine of our successes!  Media Technology Services Manager, Migdio Dominguez, describes it as “closing the loop” and enabling staff initiative. And Desktop Support Manager Vincent Sandella, notes, “teamwork is paramount.”

Web Services Team: Luis Garcia

Continuing our focus on people, especially the highly talented, part-time staff members who are essential to the success of IT, no-one personifies this more than Luis Garcia. Quiet and soft-spoken, a graduate of FIT in Graphic Design, Luis is both technical and highly creative. Gartner predicts by 2021, forty percent of IT staff will be “versatilists,” or muli-talented individuals. According to Gartner, “versatilists are able to apply a depth of skill to progressively widening situations and experiences, equally at ease with technical issues as with business strategy.” With his special gifts, Luis certainly fits this mold. He is involved with web layouts, creating icons and implementing displays. Thank you, Luis!

Desktop Support Services: Brian Ribeiro

Another versatilist is Brian Ribeiro,who functions as one of the Assistant Managers for the Desktop Support Unit. Distinguished by one of the brightest smiles in IT, one of Brian’s major roles is the Student Technology Fee administrator for the division. Since the call for student technology fee proposals was distributed in early November, we expect Brian to be on the vanguard of this critical mission. But did you know he is also a very talented opera singer? And his favorite singer is…Pavarotti. Why, because in Brian’s opinion, Pavarotti is one of the best in the business, and so is Brian!

CUNY 2018 IT Conference/Collaboration Award

Along with CUNY and BCC colleagues, AVP Edi Ruiz and Senor Registrar Yvette Rosario received the prestigious CUNY Excellence in IT Collaboration Award for their work with CUNYsmart’s Student Success Dashboard (SSD). The fundamental purpose of the SSD is to increase graduation rates and student success through innovative technologies, methodologies and tools. This collaborative effort integrated data across systems, including CUNYFirst, Degree Works and the Office of Institutional Research (OIRA). This approach produces actionable insights relevant for decision making for graduation specialists and student success teams. The award was presented at CUNY’s 2018 IT Conference, held in late November at John Jay College. Congratulations!

A New Role for Angelica Martinez

Congratulations to Angelica Martinez for attaining a new role in the IT Division. Angie is a delightful amalgamation of a dynamic personality, brilliant mind and a kind heart. Her new role involves working with the financial and project management aspects of IT administration. Angie brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills relevant to the IT domain and is a proud graduate of Lehman College. Thank you, Angie!

IT 2018 Outstanding Service Award

Best wishes to Alison Gran, this year’s recipient of the IT Outstanding Service Award at the 2018 CUNY IT Conference. Alison has contributed professionally to the College as an IT expert and has assisted the College community through advocating for support of the Lehman Food Pantry, among other areas.  She has added memorable joy to many hearts with her culinary skills, creating delectable desserts baked especially for staff birthdays. Congrats, Alison!

NMC Horizon Report & Lehman 360

In August 2018, the EDUCAUSE 2018 New Media Consortium Horizon Report included Lehman College as an “exemplary institution” for its “innovative digital platform, Lehman 360.” This report focuses on identifying emerging educational technologies poised to transform teaching, learning and collaborations relating to higher education. Congratulations to Deira Pereyra, IT Director of Application Services, and her fabulous team!  The report can be found here:


IT Help Desk: A Story of Enduring Service

As the semesters change, the IT Help Desk remains an enduring center for customer service excellence. The new virtual appointment scheduling system, LehmanQ, includes a brief survey for students after service is completed. The single question survey asks “Would you would recommend the IT Help Desk to a friend.”  The overwhelming majority of respondents, ninety percent, stated YES, they would strongly or very strongly recommend the Help Desk! Congratulations and thanks to Maria Garcia, Diane Morgante, Jose Torres, John Dono, and all Help Desk staff for their outstanding customer service performance!

Remembering Vice President Vincent W. Clark

Patient and steady with all he must bear, Ready to meet every challenge with care, Easy in manner, yet solid as steel, Strong in his faith, refreshingly real, Isn’t afraid to propose what is bold, Doesn’t conform to the usual mold, Eyes that have foresight, for hindsight won’t do, Never backs down when he sees what is true, Tells it all straight, and means it all too. Going forward and knowing he’s right, Even when doubted for why he would fight, Over and over he makes his case clear Reaching to touch the ones who won’t hear. Growing in strength, he won’t be unnerved, Ever assuring he’ll stand by his word. Wanting the world to join his firm stand, Bracing for war, but praying for peace, Using his power so evil will cease: So much a leader and worthy of trust, Here stands a man who will do what he must.


What is a Leader?

You empower us
With the power of knowledge
You motivate us
With the best tutelage
You help us move ahead
With unending determination
When we were lost you gave us direction When we were unsure you made us confident So as a Leader and a human being
You are a true inspiration
A model for all
An exemplary example for others to follow

Adapted from:

2018/19 IT Roadmap

Information Technology: Deliver, Lead, InnovateDivisional presentations of the 2018/2019 IT roadmap were held during the spring semester for a variety of campus committees and groups. A special thanks to those attending these sessions and for contributing ideas and suggestions. The roadmap is available on the IT website.

Rewarding Excellence on the Way to Success!

Lehman BadgeLehman College has introduced a Digital Badges pilot, starting with fall 2017 Presidential Scholar and Dean’s List recipients. The Leonard Lief Library also issued two badges, and more are planned. Badges or micro-credentials represent verifiable, high quality, easy-to-share evidence of specific skills or competencies. Many organizations now recognize the power, purpose and potential of micro-credentials. This emerging method of representing achievement provides employers and others with a clear understanding of the skills and talents of our students. The pilot site can be found at the Digital Badges pilot site


Lightning Ideas

Discovering New Ideas and Hidden Talents!

Lighting Ideas is Lehman’s pilot for crowdsourcing. It is based on leveraging the wisdom of so many in our community who are willing to contribute ideas and suggestions. Lightning Ideas is designed as an active platform to engage the community in a conversation and move ideas to increasingly refined levels. Ideas are reviewed, evaluated and modified collectively. The system includes points for participating, whether commenting on ideas, voting for them, and for those who submit ideas. Lightning Ideas is available through Lehman One Access. Try it!

IT Applications Services has a New Director!

Deira PereyraWe are pleased to welcome Ms. Deira Pereyra to the IT team. Deira joined Lehman last year from Bronx Community College.  She describes herself as someone who loves numbers and has an unquenchable passion for data analysis. And she discovered this quite accidentally as a Lehman student taking a computer class on coding.  At IT, Deira manages the IT application services unit. The unit is composed of four main areas: Database Administration, Applications Development, Augmented Analytics, and Operations.  Welcome Deira!

Lehman 360

Lehman 360Lehman 360 is a new platform with the concept of providing the right data, at the right time, to those who need it to take action. VP Joseph Magdaleno recently highlighted its importance as a major step to connect our students on their journey to define their future. There is also a new video introducing what Lehman 360 is and how using it creates a real difference. Down load the Lehman app on the App Store or on Google Play, or use the desktop version found under ‘Login” on the Lehman home page. Find out more at:

Student Technology Fee Update 2018/19

The Technology Fee Committee completed their meetings in April and recommendations were forwarded to the President and the University. The draft 2018/19 Tech Fee Plan can be viewed on our website at

This year, the tech fee process had some useful changes as a means to set realistic goals and gain additional input into the program. The communication structure and budgeting information arrived early so divisions were  better able to submit proposals. Special thanks to the Tech Fee Committee and especially to our student representatives.

Wireless Roaming in Campus Upper Tunnels

Most of Lehman’s underground tunnels now support wireless devices. This means you can now walk from Davis Hall to Gillett Hall and not have your wireless connection interrupted. In addition, there continues to be is continuous improvement in the wireless capability around the campus. Boosting wireless capabilities means that the campus community, with more and more wireless devices, can be supported without disruptions in service.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BCU)

Image for Blackboard CollaboateBCU works similar is a great new tool aligned within the Blackboard environment. It’s great because it opens right in your browser, no need to install a separate application, and allows participation via a virtual whiteboard…so forget about those stationary whiteboards – now there are virtual ones!  Sessions can be recorded and shared if you missed the real thing, and it is ADA-compliant. Of course, there is screen sharing and other management features which allows for sharing screens, etc. So welcome to classrooms and conference rooms in the cloud!

Apple Bites at a Glance

One of the IT division’s 2017/2018 initiatives was to implement tools to enable more than 1,000 of Lehman’s personal computers to receive automated services including software updates and patches. The college’s Mac systems were not originally included in this goal. However, today almost 1,100 Macs are clients of JAMF Pro. This suite provides central management of Macs and facilitates encryption using the built-in Mac OS program called FileVault. JAMF also allows for automatic updates of patches and updates to keep MAC systems current.

The Telephony Upgrade

The campus wide telephony upgrade which included the migration to a new hardware and software environment was successfully completed on March 30, 2018, representing the next generation in Lehman telecommunications. This comprehensive project included infrastructure changes through the addition of cabling and switches. The success of the telephony upgrade also depended on the ability of IT to prepare and transition customers to the new voicemail system. Thanks to the efforts of the Networking and Help Desk staff, our customers experienced a supportive and smooth transition. Another successful project.  Congratulations, team!