IT Roadmap 2017/18

The IT Division publishes an annual Tech Roadmap to inform the Lehman community of key digital directions. The 2017/2018 roadmap starts with the premise that people, devices, things and services are becoming increasingly digital, connected, and intelligent – algorithms and machine learning are becoming part of the digital resources we use every day. Based on feedback and comments from Lehman students, faculty and staff, Lehman’s latest IT Roadmap is available on Lehman Connect. Five areas of focus include: 1) optimizing student success and engagement; 2) enhancing educational technologies; 3) modernizing Lehman’s core IT infrastructure; 4) increasing Lehman’s role as a digital innovator; and, 5) expanding digital change across the campus.

We look forward to continuing a campus-wide dialogue regarding technology’s role in support of teaching, learning and research, and how the smart use of technology can enhance the experience of our community.  The newsletter is organized around the five IT Roadmap themes.

Optimizing Student Success: