Electronic Transfer Course Evaluation (eTCE)

Elkin Urrea Elkin Urrea (pictured left) continues to collaborate and work to create ingenious solutions which add convenience and save time. The latest partnership with the Office of Admissions and Academic Affairs is called the electronic Transfer Course Evaluation or eTCE. This system replaces a paper form, which equates most transfer student credits to Lehman equivalents.

The process of transferring from another college creates challenges for students, departmental advisors, and the Office of Admissions. For example, if a student completed Spanish 102 at a college in Connecticut, what is this course equivalent to at Lehman? This can become especially time consuming if there are courses for which equivalency rules do not exist. In the past, transfer students would have to physically go to each department to obtain the equivalency review. The eTCE system, part of Lehman 360, builds on the collaboration between Admissions and academic departments. Automated scripts run daily to identify courses that require equating and e-mail alerts are automatically sent to advisors regarding courses that require review. Admissions receives the equated information which allows the office to enter new rules into CUNYfirst. The eTCE system speeds a complex process, enhances collaboration, and builds partnerships to propel student success.