LehmanQ Student Mobile Scheduling System Expands

Lehman Q logo There is a proverb which states that “lost time is never found again.” However, LehmanQ helps students effectively manage their time. There were successful pilots involving the Office of Financial Aid and the Carman IT Help Desk which received rave reviews. Due to this success, the IT Division has worked with the Bursar’s Office and the Office of Admissions to extend the benefits of this time saving tool. What’s great about LehmanQ is instead of joining physical lines and waiting to be served, Lehman students are now able to connect to a variety of virtual queues using their mobile phones or a kiosk positioned conveniently near designated offices.

Once students join a queue, a series of alerts are sent informing them of their position in the queue and when it’s time to be served. Students are able to attend to other important tasks rather than simply wait in lines. As expected, the “Q” is set to extend its reach and benefits to other administrative and academic departments in the next academic year.