Phishing and Cyber Security News

The IT division recommends increased vigilance as we face an increase of phishing and “impersonation” scams, especially during the holiday season. We encourage the Lehman community to approach all unsolicited offers and communications with caution. Review the address of the email address of senders, especially those that appear to be people you know.  Do not follow unsolicited links or download attachments from unknown sources. Common scams when browsing online during the holiday season include e-cards, pop-up ads and coupons, to name a few. These usually include infected attachments or links to malware (malicious code). Be careful, be aware and be smart! The following themes were highlighted during October’s National Cyber Security Awareness month:

  • Week 1 – Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety
  • Week 2 – Educating for a Rewarding Career in Cyber Security
  • Week 3 – Your Part in Ensuring Online Safety at Work
  • Week 4 – Safeguarding the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

On October 31st. there was a cyber security Halloween stand in the Open Center. Please visit our Cyber security Website for more information at:  Below are pictures from the Halloween Cyber Security Event in the Open Center: