Apple News/Farewell to Mike Shur

In October, Apple released its latest Mac operating system, known as Mojave. This operating system is designed for Mac desktops and laptops manufactured after 2012.

The IT Division has tested Mojave and approved its compatibility with the general Lehman College environment, including CUNY and Lehman applications, Microsoft Office products and printers, such as the networked Xerox printers. According to initial test results all current Adobe Creative Cloud applications are compatible with Mojave, although there are a few minor bugs. However, older Adobe software may not be compatible.

Specialty software often requires assessment on an individual basis. For example, IBM SPSS Statistics 25, along with its fix packs, and the upcoming SPSS Statistics main release will run on Mojave; however no other SPSS releases will be officially supported. If Mojave clears all testing criteria and you should have questions regarding the compatibility of particular specialty software, then please feel free to contact us or check with the specific vendor of your software product.

Apple IOS devices will soon have the ability to use a self-service module through JAMF, which is similar to Software Center. This module enables users to download and install available software and updates. Currently, this software option in the testing phase and is expected to be available next semester.  This is another way we are expanding the variety of options for our customers!

Authentication between Apple devices and Microsoft active directory is currently being tested using a software tool called NOMAD. This software will communicate with Microsoft and allow authentication for users through active directory. It provides the convenience of single sign-on without actually binding Mac computers to the AD. Incidentally, NOMAD stands for No More AD and its mascot, the caribou, is the most nomadic mammal on earth!

Best wishes for a happy upcoming retirement to Lead Apple Technician, Michael Shur. An avid and talented photographer, guesses are he will take his creative genius to new heights in this area. Thank you, Mike, for your years of service to Lehman College!