Working Together Across Business Units

The Desktop Support unit’s new tech team member, Rayshon Patterson, recently paired with Media Technology Services staff member, Handal Abdelrahim, to complete a complex operation in one of the Music Department’s smart classrooms. Maneuvering this critical operation required communication, collaboration across units and conquering the challenges inherent to the technical field. It involved troubleshooting an unresponsive Smartboard, re-imaging the computer, and ensuring that the correct drivers were installed to ensure the advanced functionality of the software for faculty use.

The close teamwork of Rayshon and Handal was a result of the active support from the managers of the respective units, which ensures the delivery, dependability, and availability of high quality classroom technology for teaching, learning and creativity. It includes, but is not limited to, providing rapid responses to high priority classroom technology service requests.

What this example demonstrates is attention to detail, the ability to cross-collaborate successfully and impeccable customer service skills. This is daily life, and it drives the engine of our successes!  Media Technology Services Manager, Migdio Dominguez, describes it as “closing the loop” and enabling staff initiative. And Desktop Support Manager Vincent Sandella, notes, “teamwork is paramount.”