Urban Education Fall Lecture Series with Dr. Gillian Bayne

Gillian_Lehman_smallThursday, November 13, 2014 6:30 – 8:30pm, CUNY Graduate Center Room 4202

Gillian Bayne, a proud Cohort 2 graduate from the Urban Education Department at CUNY’s Graduate Center, is an Associate Professor of Science Education and a program coordinator in the Middle and High School Education Department at CUNY’s Lehman College.  Gillian also has a faculty appointment in the GC’s Urban Education Department.  She began her Lehman College career in 2007 and has recently earned both tenure and promotion.  With over ten years of science teaching experience in both New York City public and private high schools, Gillian combines her expertise and commitment to excellence with innovative teaching philosophies and practices in order to create greater possibilities for students and teachers as they engage in the complexities of science education.  Grounding her work primarily in cultural sociology, the sociology of emotions and face-to-face interactions, Gillian’s research is interpretive and multi-method.  She uses cogenerative dialogues and coteaching as central practices in her research, employing qualitative and quantitative measures to investigate micro, meso and macro structures in relation to urban science teaching and learning at the secondary and higher education levels.

CUNY Graduate Education Fair at Lehman College!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
With a commitment to teaching and learning, our campuses prepare a culturally diverse pool of students to be effective educators in a variety of settings. Come to this fair to learn more about CUNY’s program options in education, including Special Education, Early Childhood, Childhood, TESOL/Bilingual, Science and Math Education, Ed Leadership, and much more. Graduate Education programs experts from Lehman College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College, the City College of New York, the College of Staten Island, Queens College, and Hunter College will be available to answer all of your questions. Financial aid experts and career advisors will also be available. Details/Flyer >>

Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the needs of all students in urban classrooms

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dr. JIMG_5413essica Bacon and Leslie Lieman led a morning of professional development for over 60 teaching candidates, teachers, special education teachers and paraprofessionals that focused on the tenants of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and its applications in the K-12 classroom. UDL applies principles from neuroscience and architecture to learning with the goal of building multiple entry points into the initial design to meet the needs of all of learners. The workshop covered the three principles of the UDL framework, including: multiple means of representation, action and expression, and engagement. Based on the UDL framework, participants gained practical tips, strategies and resources to use in practice.

Resources for all and photos from the event >>

Dr. Jessica Bacon is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education. Dr. Bacon has been working with schools, faculty, and teachers on implementing UDL into k-12 and higher education classrooms. She also attended an advanced institute at Harvard University on UDL during the summer of 2014, funded by the MATH-UP program.

Leslie Lieman is the Educational Technology Coordinator for CUNY Lehman College: School of Education. She works with faculty, teacher candidates and public school mentor teachers to improve the use and integration of technology in teaching, learning and assessment. Leslie is currently focused on teacher candidates’ successful completion of NYS Teacher Certification Exams. Leslie holds a Master in Social Work from CUNY Hunter College and a Master in Educational Technology from Michigan State University. During July 2014, she attended an advanced UDL Institute at Harvard University.

The Learning Communities Project: The small origins of large-scale school reform in Mexico

A Talk by Dr. Gabriel Cámara Cervera
November 12, 2014, 1pm – 2pm
Lehman College, Carman Hall, Room B-04
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.33.40 AM

Dr. Gabriel Cámara Cervera is an internationally recognized Mexican educator and expert on alternative models for basic education. Dr. Cámara has pioneered the development of “tutorial networks,” a classroom-based approach to school reform built on 1:1 dialogue-focused “tutorial relationships.” Over the course of his career, Dr. Cámara has worked in various private and public education systems, including the Intensive Basic Education Centers (Centros de Educación Básica Intensiva) for young urban dropouts (1980-1984) and the Post-primary Centers (1996-2003) in small rural communities in Mexico.Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.33.48 AM

Dr. Cámara’s recent publications include: Otra Educación Básica es Posible (2008), Enseñar y Aprender con Interés (2006), Comunidad de Aprendizaje: Cómo Hacer de la Educación Básica un Bien Valioso y Compartido (2004), all three published by Siglo XXI Editores. Also, Learning for Life in Mexican Rural Communities: The CONAFE Post-primary Centers, CONAFE (2003) and “The small origins of a large-scale school reform”, in Helen J. Malone (ed) (2013) Leading Educational Change, Teachers College Press, N.Y.


~ Dr. Gabriel Cámara is speaking at  Lehman College, Princeton, Boston College, and Harvard on his November visit to the United States.
~ View documentary with the English subtitles
~ The homepage of the documentary in English or Spanish
~ For more info, check out short blog posts about experience working with his organization by Sarah Vogel in the Huffington Post:
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     – Schools Should Not Be Islands: Building Bridges in Mexico Through Academic Encounters

Jessica Anderson, Lehman Alumna, Provides a Model Site for UPK Initiative

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.13.09 PMKiderific Nursery School is a private school in the Pelham Bay area of the Bronx that serves children from 2 to 5 years of age.  Jessica Anderson graduated from the Lehman College Early Childhood Education Program in May 2009 and is owner, director, and head teacher at Kiderific.  In 2010, Kiderific obtained a contract with the City of New York to provide Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) classes and in 2014 expanded to provide a full day UPK program. Kiderific’s partnership with the New York City Department of Education afforded the school the opportunity to participate in the Work Sampling System, an exemplary research-based authentic assessment system, in which students’ progress is documented through anecdotal records and student work.

The Kiderific curriculum consists of thematic units that directly connect to the Common Core State Standards.  The teachers address specific standards and work towards School Readiness Goals in their activities and lessons.  The Kiderific curriculum addresses seven domains: social/emotional, language/literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and physical/health.  The data from The Work Sampling System is then used to determine how students specifically and Kiderific generally are progressing toward meeting School Readiness Goals. The Kiderific curriculum provides guidance for differentiating teaching for students with special behavior, linguistic, or learning needs.  Each child is allowed to develop at his/her own pace.

In addition to her roles at Kiderific, Jessica is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Early Childhood/Childhood Education Department at Lehman College.  Her Lehman education has provided her with the tools both to grow her Kiderific program and to give back to the School of Education.  New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña recently acknowledged Jessica’s hard work at Kiderific and dedication to early childhood education during a visit to the school.

Pictured (left to right): Amanda Herrera, Alissa Rivera, Maria Noll, Carmen Fariña, Jessica Anderson, Stephanie Rivera


Educational Leadership Professor Rivera-McCutchen Targets High Stakes Testing and Common Core Impact on PK-12


Sponsored by the Network for Public Eduction, “Public Education Nation”event on October 11th featured several panels including one on Testing and Common Core. NYS Principal of the Year Carol Burris lead a discussion with educators Dr. Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen, Takeima Bunche-Smith, and Dr. Alan Aja on the impact of high-stakes testing and the Common Core on PK-12.

Dr. Rivera-McCutchen’s talk (Video timestamp 16:45) drew from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham City Jail to provide a framework for moral leadership in examining power and privilege in resisting high-stakes tests and the Common Core.

Finding Her Way as a New Pre-K Teacher

ScreenShot2014-10-06at11.43.49AM_000Listen to the WNYC interview or read the article by Robin Shulman. This is the next chapter in a series about CUNY Lehman College’s new pre-kindergarten teacher training program! From Friday, October 3, 2014

Teacher Ruby Miree takes her pre-k class on a walk (Robin Shulman/WNYC)