School of Education Conversation with Keynote Speaker Sara Beal, US PREP

Part of a year-long commemoration of the College’s 50th Anniversary, Lehman College held luncheon “Conversations at 50,” so each department could bring together key leaders in business, government, and the not-for-profit sector to discuss future program offerings at Lehman and possible collaborations. The School of Education “Conversation at 50,” was held on Thursday, May 16 to talk about the School of Education’s past, present, and future direction with Keynote Speaker, Sara Beal, Executive Director of U.S. PREP. She shared her expertise and thoughts about renewing educator preparation with a presentation titled, From “Lessons Learned” to “What ifs”. Five School of Education deans, past, present and interim, joined the luncheon conversation, including, James Bruni, Susan Polirstok, Harriet (Niki) Fayne, Deb Shanley and Gaoyin Qian.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio & Chancellor Carranza Make Important Announcement at New World High School!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 was a busy day at New World High School! They hosted Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza, providing the perfect back drop for the Mayor to announce the overall increase in NYC’s graduation rate. New World High School was chosen because it had 90% graduation rate last year.


















New World High School is a Lehman Middle and High School professional development school (PDS). Lehman Professors Sunyata Smith and Serigne Gningue are Lehman Middle and High School faculty who work closely with the school in preparation of our teacher candidates.

Mr. Mithat Gashi and Mr. Hassan Tmimi are Principal and Assistant Principal. Mr. Gashi has been teaching foundations courses in MHSE since 2003 and also co-chairs the PDS Council. Mr. Tmimi designed the activities for Lehman’s Noyce internships, which are the foundations of the course outline for ESC 790 and now ESC 476-477. Every single Noyce STEMELL teacher will tell you the impact Mr. Tmimi has had on their training and ability to teach. He taught them how to observe and evaluate classroom and videos using the Danielson framework, and the different structures and usage of teaching ELLs through Content Based Instruction (One and two-way CBI). New World High School has even hired three science teachers from Lehman’s Noyce STEMELL program.

Lehman College School of Education congratulates New World High School and everyone involved in their students’ success.

Interview with Education Researcher, Dr. Sherry Deckman

SHERRY L. DECKMAN is an assistant professor of education at Lehman College, the City University of New York. Her research explores how educators are formally prepared to work with students from diverse race and class backgrounds and how educators address issues of race, class, and gender inequity in schools. She was recently interviewed by, “The Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education,” about her paper, “Managing Race and Race-ing Management: Teachers’ Stories of Race and Classroom Conflict.”

As Dr. Deckman states early in the interview, “Two patterns of storytelling emerged across the data when participants discussed race and classroom management, what I call managing race and race-ing management. The managing race pattern downplayed or ignored issues of systemic power, privilege, and oppression, whereas race-ing management did just the opposite and exposed such dynamics.”

To hear the full interview, visit the Teachers College “The Voice,” series.

Dr. Sherry Deckman Interviewed by Teachers College The Voice

Dr. Deckman’s selected publications include “Leaving the Space Better Than You Found It Through Song: Music, Diversity, and Mission in One Black Student Organization” (Harvard Educational Review, 2013), and “Dangerous Black Professor: Challenging the Ghettoization of Race in Higher Education Through Life Texts Pedagogy” (coauthor, RIP Jim Crow: Fighting Racism through Higher Education Policy, Curriculum, and Cultural Interventions, Peter Lang, 2016).

Teacher of the Year Shares Award with Former Teacher, now Lehman College’s NYC Writing Project Director & Interim ILS Director!

The following story is about the journey of Teacher of the Year, William Green, who teaches at Frederick Douglass Academy III in the Bronx. At the award ceremony, he shared with Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa, that his “ninth grade teacher saved him from the streets,” where he spent much of his childhood living on the streets and in shelters. His 9th grade teacher was Jane Higgins, now Lehman College’s Director of NYC Writing Project and Interim Director of Institute for Literacy Studies. Mr. Green states, “Jane was not only an amazing English teacher, she was relentless in terms of fighting for her students — both inside and outside the classroom.”

Mr. Green is now a chemistry teacher, the science department chair and new teacher instructional coach at Frederick Douglass Academy III High School in the South Bronx.

ARTICLE in NYSUT: Teacher of the Year Finalist Shares His Award With A Special Former Teacher

William Green Teacher of the Year Finalist

Academic Excellence Fees (AEF) for Educator Preparation Programs Leading to Certification

Academic Excellence Fees (AEF) for Educator Preparation Programs Leading to Certification
November 2018


What has been proposed?

– Students in all educator preparation programs leading to certification will pay the Academic Excellence Fees.

How do you benefit from the AEF? You will receive the following support:

1. Free Taskstream accounts
NOTE: TaskStream would then be built into all coursework and enable feedback between you and faculty with the goal to improve both your academic performance and our programs.

2. Writing tutors (embedded in courses or during designated hours for SOE candidates

3. Certification Exam workshops

– EAS workshops
– CST workshops
– DASA workshops

4. edTPA lab:

– College Assistants
– Computers
– Designated room
– Camcorder bundles (camcorders, batteries, memory cards, tripods)
– Creating and maintenance of online tutorials (rubric modules)
NOTE: As far as Lehman College is aware, no other CUNY, SUNY or private college has an edTPA computer lab solely dedicated to supporting students in the completion of the technology requirements for the edTPA.

5. Educational Technology workshops:

– Google Tools for Educators (Level 1 Google Educator Certificate)
– Introduction to other online tools and apps for PK-12 teacher candidates
NOTE: Candidates have had good outcomes when they demonstrate skills learned from educational technology workshops during job interviews

Why do we need to pay the AEF?

– Support your participation in professional development workshops and events
– Receive free TaskStream account
– Enable you to provide timely feedback to the faculty and program about your academic performance
– Enhance your academic success in coursework
– Support your success on the certification exams

How much do we have to pay?

– $50 per student per academic semester for four (4) semesters if you are matriculated degree students.
– $50 per student per academic semester for two (2) semesters if you are non-degree students in certificate programs (e.g., bilingual extension, advanced certificate in Special Education, Gifted and Talented Education, etc).
– For students who are concurrently enrolled in the Master’s degree and advanced certificate or extension programs will pay up to four (4) semesters of the AEF.

How does the amount proposed by Lehman College compare to the amount proposed by other CUNY colleges in education?

– Lehman College proposed $50 per semester (significantly less than per credit!)
– Queens College proposed $25 per credit.
– Hunter College proposed $50 per credit.

When do we pay the AEF?

– At the beginning of each semester, i.e., spring and fall semesters.
– Would not be implemented until fall 2019.

How should I provide my comments on the AEF?

– Please click the SurveyMonkey link to provide your comments on the AEF:

We value your feedback!
Thanks for completing the survey!

Academic Excellence Fees (AEF) 
Lehman College’s 
Organizational Leadership 
Graduate Program

Academic Excellence Fees (AEF) 
Lehman College’s 
Organizational Leadership 
Graduate Program
November 2018


Why do we need to pay the ACF?

– Support enhanced professional development opportunities (e.g., mini workshops on leadership topics or technical writing, etc.).

– Support relevant events (e.g., expert speakers; leadership panels; symposiums).

– Help expand curricular initiatives and access to technology.

How much do we have to pay?

– $30 per student per academic semester (fall, winter, spring and summer semesters).

When do we pay the AEF?

– At the beginning of each semester.

– Would not be implemented until fall 2019.

How should I provide my comments on the AEF?
Please click on the following Survey Monkey link to provide your comments on the AEF:

We value your feedback!
Thanks for completing the survey!

2018 Teacher-to-Teacher Conference with Keynote Speaker Imbolo Mbue!

 The New York City Writing Project Hosted its 20th Annual Teach-to-Teacher Conference

This full day of professional learning featured keynote speaker, Imbolo Mbue.

Ms. Mbue delivered the keynote address in the morning. She is the author of the New York Times best seller, BEHOLD THE DREAMERS, which won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, the Blue Metropolis Words to Change Award, and was an Oprah’s Book Club selection. Named a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times and the Washington Post and a Best Book of the Year by close to a dozen publications, the novel has been translated into 10 languages, adapted into an opera, and optioned for a movie.

The conference took place on Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 8:00 am – 2:30 pm in the Lehman College, Music Building, East Dining Room, 250 Bedford Park Blvd West Bronx, NY 10468.

Conference included:

– A morning keynote provided by Imbolo Mbue;
– Morning session of teacher-led workshops;
– Afternoon session of teacher-led roundtables;
– 7 hours of CTLE credit;
– Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments provided.

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @NYCWP and using #T2T18