Dr. Wesley Pitts, Asst. Prof. of Science Education

RS-PittsAs one of the School of Education’s Rising Scholars, Dr. Pitts focuses on the teaching and learning of science as cultural enactment in urban schools and out-of-school programs. Dr. Pitts has notably embodied the spirit of collaboration through his use of cogens both in and outside of the sciences. Cogens are conversations with stakeholders that are geared toward creating agreed upon measures by which improvements can be made in the science learning environment.

While teaching a master’s level science methods course, Dr. Pitts began building a professional relationship with Annabel D’Souza and Sharon Miller, a relationship that has transitions from a teacher-student dyad to colleagues and co-researchers.

Today Dr. Pitt has formed a research team with Annabel D’Souza, who graduated from Lehman and is now a doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center and Sharon Miller, who is completing her master’s degree in science education.  Dr. Pitts and his colleagues explore the usefulness of cogens and other methodologies (e.g., Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL), case studies) in the teaching and advancement of sciences. Recently Dr. Pitts has been awarded a PSC CUNY 44 Enhanced Research Award in the amount of $12,000 for the 2013-2014 academic year. Annabel D’Souza will be working with Dr. Pitts under this award as a doctoral researcher.

Recent Publications:

• Pitts, W., Miller, S., & D’Souza, A. (in press). Teaching in context and complexities: using Cogenerative dialogues as an integrated collaborative approach. In  Tobin, K., & Shady, A. A. (Eds.), Transforming urban education: Collaborating to produce success in science, mathematics and technology education. Rotterdam, NL: Sense Publishing.

• Pitts, W., & Ruggirello, R. (2012). Using the e-portfolio to document and evaluate growth in reflective practice: The development and application of a conceptual framework. International Journal of ePortfolio, 2, 49-74.

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