Dr. Laura Roberts, Asst. Prof. of Counselor Education

RS-RobertsOver the past five years, Dr. Roberts has focused her research on improving transition outcomes and increasing opportunities for students with disabilities in post-secondary education and/or employment.  Her research indicates a link between inadequate transition planning and poor outcomes for individuals with disabilities in adult life. Using this and other findings, she has recommended best practices for transition planning to professionals in the field of education.

Dr. Roberts has also advocated for the use of adequate measures in the transition planning process. She has presented at various conferences across the region as well as co-authored several articles on what is known as the Competency Based Community Assessment (CBCA), a comprehensive assessment that evaluates an individual’s skills in the areas of employment, community participation, and independent living.

Her continued work has helped inform scholarly and practical outlooks on students’ capacities and effective ways of helping them achieve success. As part of her overall agenda, Dr. Roberts has examined perceptions of college faculty teaching courses that included high school students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while receiving support from a high school special education teacher. The findings in her exploratory study indicated that prior to the teaching experience, faculty participants had limited knowledge about ASD overall and were limited in their pedagogical expertise in teaching students with ASD effectively.  As one of the School of Education’s Rising Scholars, Dr. Laura Roberts strongly believes that all students are capable of being successful in adulthood.

Recent Publications:

• Roberts, L. (2012). School Counselors as key personnel in helping improve the transition outcomes of students with significant disabilities. In G. R. Walz, J. C. Bleuer, & R. K. Yep (Eds.), Ideas and research you can use: VISTAS 2012 (pp. 1-12). Retrieved from http://www.counseling.org/

• Roberts, L. & Karan, O. (2012). The competency-based community assessment:  A five-step process. Journal of the American academy of special education professionals (JAASEP) (pp. 124-130). Retrieved from http://aasep.org/aasep-publications/journal-of-the-american-academy-of-special-education-professionals-jaasep/jaasep-fall-2012/

• Karan, O. & Roberts, L. (2013) Preparing students with disabilities for adulthood using the competency based community assessment: A case study. Exceptional individuals, 35, 7-15.

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