NYC Men Teach Scholars Visit National Museum of African American History and Culture

Reflections from Larry Patterson, Program Manager, NYC Men Teach @ Lehman College
What the museum signified to me was that Africa finally came for its lost brothers and sister. As you approach the museum from Connecticut Avenue and the building reveals itself, it looks like the bow of a majestic ship where the corners meet. A ship that has crossed the Atlantic to reclaim the human “cargo” that was lost to the triangular slave trade eons ago. It is a magnificent edifice, the scale of the structure is awe inspiring. It seems to represent the scope and prominence of the people whose stories are contained within its walls.

Reflections from Fatima Sherif, Program Director, NYC Men Teach @ Lehman College
Lehman College and Bronx Community College recently partnered to bring NYC Men Teach Scholars to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It was a life changing experience for many of our scholars and an opportunity that allowed them to reflect upon their “Teacher Identity.” As future educators it’s important that students develop their teacher identity and see their communities as classrooms. Visit a Museum, visit another school, engage in meaningful conversations regarding education.

Upon NYCMT scholars returning from Washington D.C., scholars had the opportunity to speak with Phil Weinberg, Deputy Chancellor for Teaching and Learning at the NYC DOE.  New York City’s Department of Education. NYCMT Scholars asked questions about the State Certification Exams, provided feedback on ways to improve cross cultural pedagogy, and were invited to visit the central office next semester.

Joining Mr. Patterson and Ms. Sherif were scholars: Musa Trawalleh, Corey V. Sapp, Elisa Cruz, Romello Rashad (BCC), Robert Rivera (BCC), Alderson Magloire (BCC, Program Director).