White House Recognition of Strengthening STEM MINDS on Active Learning Day!

The Strengthening STEM MINDS© project involves the use of a four-pronged approach that synergistically blends methodologies steeped in racial empowerment to optimally set the stage for youth of the African Diaspora to flourish in their academic pursuits. Drs. Gillian Bayne, Mary Phillips and Sunyata Smith, three Lehman College professors, have synchronistically orchestrated the enactment of practices, which are grounded in their areas of expertise.


Gillian Bayne, Ph.D.


Mary Phillips, Ph.D.


Sunyata Smith, Ph.D.









Their expertise areas are science education, Africana Studies, and microbiology respectively. The professors’ involvement in the project is geared towards mediating the teaching and learning of STEM so that it is specifically and carefully aligned to the lived experiences and lifeworlds of marginalized youth. Their plan includes training STEM teachers to use the approach as a means to empower both students and teachers as teaching and learning experiences unfold in their learning environments.

The faculty’s dedication to equity in STEM is underscored on the White House Web Site announcement on Active Learning Day, October 25, 2016 under the Higher Education Response to Active Learning in STEM Call to Action link: