Pre-service special education teachers’ multicultural competence

My experience “joining the FARM” has been challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling. It has provided me with the opportunity to use grounded theory to conduct a full scale research study from beginning to end.  The study on novice special education teachers’ experiences building relationships with parents beyond the IEP process has been a really good one. 

Ironically, as a graduate student in my final year of my Masters Degree in Special Education, I had never conducted research on this level before, and at first was very anxious about going forward with it. What could this be like? However, time and experience has now made me realize how fun and rewarding doing research can be. What I especially like about conducting this research is that it is giving me hands on experience as to the “how to” of working and relating to parents in the classroom. As I enter the teaching profession I enter with a wealth of knowledge and experience from the group, knowing full well that I will be able to forge a strong, working relationship with each student’s  parents that I encounter in the field because of my experience doing this research.