Urban Education Fall Lecture Series with Dr. Gillian Bayne

Gillian_Lehman_smallThursday, November 13, 2014 6:30 – 8:30pm, CUNY Graduate Center Room 4202

Gillian Bayne, a proud Cohort 2 graduate from the Urban Education Department at CUNY’s Graduate Center, is an Associate Professor of Science Education and a program coordinator in the Middle and High School Education Department at CUNY’s Lehman College.  Gillian also has a faculty appointment in the GC’s Urban Education Department.  She began her Lehman College career in 2007 and has recently earned both tenure and promotion.  With over ten years of science teaching experience in both New York City public and private high schools, Gillian combines her expertise and commitment to excellence with innovative teaching philosophies and practices in order to create greater possibilities for students and teachers as they engage in the complexities of science education.  Grounding her work primarily in cultural sociology, the sociology of emotions and face-to-face interactions, Gillian’s research is interpretive and multi-method.  She uses cogenerative dialogues and coteaching as central practices in her research, employing qualitative and quantitative measures to investigate micro, meso and macro structures in relation to urban science teaching and learning at the secondary and higher education levels.