The Learning Communities Project: The small origins of large-scale school reform in Mexico

A Talk by Dr. Gabriel Cámara Cervera
November 12, 2014, 1pm – 2pm
Lehman College, Carman Hall, Room B-04
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Dr. Gabriel Cámara Cervera is an internationally recognized Mexican educator and expert on alternative models for basic education. Dr. Cámara has pioneered the development of “tutorial networks,” a classroom-based approach to school reform built on 1:1 dialogue-focused “tutorial relationships.” Over the course of his career, Dr. Cámara has worked in various private and public education systems, including the Intensive Basic Education Centers (Centros de Educación Básica Intensiva) for young urban dropouts (1980-1984) and the Post-primary Centers (1996-2003) in small rural communities in Mexico.Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.33.48 AM

Dr. Cámara’s recent publications include: Otra Educación Básica es Posible (2008), Enseñar y Aprender con Interés (2006), Comunidad de Aprendizaje: Cómo Hacer de la Educación Básica un Bien Valioso y Compartido (2004), all three published by Siglo XXI Editores. Also, Learning for Life in Mexican Rural Communities: The CONAFE Post-primary Centers, CONAFE (2003) and “The small origins of a large-scale school reform”, in Helen J. Malone (ed) (2013) Leading Educational Change, Teachers College Press, N.Y.


~ Dr. Gabriel Cámara is speaking at  Lehman College, Princeton, Boston College, and Harvard on his November visit to the United States.
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