Dr. Immaculée Harushimana, Asst. Prof. of Language & Literacy

RS-HarushimanaFrom her first scholarly publication in the Journal of Border Education Research to her contributions as co-authorship of a newly published book, Dr. Harushimana is one of the leading advocates for facilitating the educational experience of African-born youth in schools in the United States. Earlier in the year, Dr. Harushimana, an Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy  gave several guest talks in Botswana and presented in Belgium on the issues of language and literacy among African youth.

As one of the School of Education’s Rising Scholars, Dr. Harushimana’s work centers on illuminating the adaption processes of African-born immigrants in U.S. schools. In doing so she also places attention on the unique challenges that students face and how they fare against these challenges en route to academic and professional fulfillment.

A book she co-authored, entitled Reprocessing Race, Language,  and Ability: African-Born Educators and Students in Transnational America, is a collection of fourteen stories of pain, resistance, and survival as told by educators and students. This book is one of the ways in which Dr. Harushimana seeks to fulfill her mission of countering detrimental depictions of Africa by giving the other side of her story, a story told by the African people themselves.

Recent Publications:
• Harushimana, I., Ikpeze, C. & Mthethwa-Sommers, S. (2013). Reprocessing race, language,  and ability: African-born educators in transnational America. Black studies and critical thinking    series,42. New York: Peter Lang.

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