Dr. Janet P. Kremenitzer, Asst. Prof. of Early Childhood & Childhood Education

RS-KremenitzerAs one of the School of Education’s Rising Scholars,  Dr. Kremenitzer’s pioneering mission has been promoting the use of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the training of pre-service and in-service teachers. Her work emphasizes the relevance of EI Practioners in early childhood education. Over the past four years, Dr. Kremenitzer’s research interest has focused on the application of emotional intelligence abilities and emotional literacy development at P.S. 043 Jonas Bronck in the South Bronx.

In collaboration with the Principal of the school, Dr. Kremenitzer co-presented the work she had done with the Jonas Bronck teachers and emphasized emotional intelligence is an “X-factor” in passionate teaching.

Her efforts at P.S. 43 where she integrated the Diary of Anne Frank as part of the emotional intelligence curriculum has led to a partnership with the Anne Frank Center USA. Most recently Dr. Kremenitzer has written several articles and book chapters on emotional intelligence as a key competency that should be considered in teaching and learning. Most recently Dr. Kremenitzer contributed to an article published in the American Educational Research Journal whose quantitative work helped to illuminate the role of knowledge and skills in managing emotions in adaptation to schooling. This article further highlights her collaboration in research  with several other prominent figures, most notably Dr. Peter Salovey, a founding researcher in Emotional Intelligence and Yale’s President.

Recent Publications:
• Kremenitzer, J.P. (2012).  Emotionally Intelligent Teaching: The missing link in a teacher’s education.  ACEI Focus on Teacher Education, 12, 8-13.

• Lopes, P.N., Mestre, J.M., Guil, R., Kremenitzer, J.P., & Salovey, P. (2012). The Role of knowledge and  skills for managing emotions in adaptation to school:  Social behavior and misconduct in the    classroom. American Educational Research Journal   49, 710-742.

To contact Dr. Kremenitzer:
janet. kremenitzer@lehman.cuny.edu