Community Engagement & Impact: School of Education Retreat

00-gaoyin-deb-img_7438School of Education Retreat: Community Engagement & Impact

Thursday, January 19, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Building Partnerships with Our Institutes, Centers and Professional Development Schools
Panelists: Jaye Jones (ILS), Traci Palmieri (School College Collaborative)
Iwan Notowidigdo (Bronx Institute) & Bonnie Boltax PDS School Liaison, PS 304
Moderator: Elvani Pennil


Relationship Between Teacher Leadership and School Climate: Findings From a Teacher-Leadership Project
Presenters: Serigne Gningue and Roger Peach


Building Success for Lehman’s Students Using RTI (Response to Interventions)
Presenter: Jennifer Van Allen

Learning Mathematics with Grandpa: Digits
Presenters: Orlando Alonso and Paloma Alonso


Restorative Practices and Mindfulness – Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Creative Learning

Presenters: Sherry Deckman, Sunyata Smith and David Fletcher

The Critical Need for Emotional Intelligence Training in Pre-Service Teacher Education

Presenters: Janet Pickard Kremenitzer, Danielle Magaldi-Dopman and Christy Folsom

Collaboration Opportunities For Teacher and Leader Educators in Implementing School Counseling Programs in K-12 Schools
Presenter: Stuart Chen-Hayes

Who are we? Creating Models of Helpful Communities
NYACTE/NYSATE Conference Debrief and Discussion

Panelists: Immaculee Harushimana, Abigail McNamee, Janet Pickard Kremenitzer, Aliex Ross, Dan Stuckart Andrea Zakin
Moderators: Deb Shanley and Nancy Dubetz