Pre-service special education teachers’ multicultural competence

My experience “joining the FARM” has been challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling. It has provided me with the opportunity to use grounded theory to conduct a full scale research study from beginning to end.  The study on novice special education teachers’ experiences building relationships with parents beyond the IEP process has been a really good one.  Read More

Novice Urban Educators’ Perceptions of Immigrant Students, Culture and Family

Becoming a student-researcher in FARM, has been such a fulfilling experience for me.  Along with all the resources provided by Lehman College, Professor Magaldi-Dopman’s guidance has provided for a fully immersive research experience. I have inherited so much knowledge even beyond my teaching craft.  Read More

Urban FARMing in the School of Education: Faculty-Assisted Research Mentorship

I started FARM (faculty-assisted research mentorship) my second semester at Lehman College, as a way to extend classroom discussion with students and also develop students in their research skills. Interested students work directly with me to develop their research ideas and conduct a study of importance to them and their teaching.  Read More