NYC Men Teach Summer Fellowship at Lehman

by Romello Mills, Fatima Sherif & Lawrence Patterson

NYC Men Teach Summer Fellows Summer 2022

The NYC Men Teach Summer Fellowship experience has had an immense positive impact on participants this year. NYC Men Teach Summer Fellows actively engaged in a variety of learning and discussion sessions including:

• Defining Your Professional Look
• Effective Communication Strategies
• Financial Literacy
• Strategies for Working with Students
• Culturally Responsive Teaching
• Unpacking Culture in Educational Spaces
• Team Building.

These sessions have afforded our participants professional development that will prepare them to become highly effective educators in the classroom. They have created a space where participants are building lifelong relationships with their peers in educational settings, and ensuring participants are ready when they enter the classroom as an educator for the first time. 

The NYC Men Teach Summer Fellows have communicated their gratitude for having the gatherings and workshops in-person as that format has addressed each of their unique learning styles and created a stronger sense of community. Furthermore, the Summer Fellows have expressed that the space has allowed them to be vulnerable, authentic, and develop a greater understanding of the roles of educators. From examining Rita Pearson’s TED Talk “Every Child Deserves a Champion” to providing the Summer Fellows with a workshop on Effective Strategies for Working with Students from a student perspective, the program has organically allowed the NYC Men Teach Summer Fellows the opportunity to see how they can have a positive impact on future students and future generations to come. 

“Thoughts” By Lawrence Patterson

“Men as intellectuals in our community schools and classrooms are essential. They complement the work that women have been doing for generations. Black men, Latino men, South East Asian men, Asian men, Indigenous men, and all that are part of marginalized communities are necessary now that the nations demographics is forever changed. A melting pot is not monolithic. Our children need to see themselves reflected in those that stimulate and provoke their intellectual growth. The cultural perspectives that will be added is valuable and immeasurable.

This new cohort of New York City Men Teach scholars is a great representation of great things to come. The workshops dealt mainly with practical application and real-life scenarios of the theory that the scholars have been taught in the academy. The sessions were designed not to honey-coat the education profession but to give an accurate representation of what these new educators will be faced with and how to successfully navigate until they gain a firm footing in their chosen field. The enthusiasm, compassion and commitment of the NYC Men Teach scholars to become change agents for the students and community was both refreshing and reassuring.”

2022 School of Education Commencement Photos

Congratulations to our School of Education 2022 Graduates! With great joy and pride, students and faculty and families returned to campus for this special event!

View School of Education Commencement Photos and/or download >>

Special thanks to Leslie Lieman and Naliza Sadik for taking photos AND Magda Soto and Brendan McGibney for publishing them!

Exceptional Bronx middle school teacher, Jamel Holmes, honored on World Teachers’ Day

Drew Barrymore surprises East Bronx Academy for the Future Bronx Middle School Teacher Who Gives Students Haircuts and Life Lessons (Episode Spotlight 10/5/2020).

Drew highlights an exceptional Bronx middle school special education teacher, Jamel Holmes, in honor of World Teachers’ Day! He is known to go above and beyond for his students with haircuts and lessons beyond the classroom. Drew has surprises for Mr. Holmes and his students too.

Jamel Holmes is a Lehman College alumnus and Special Education adjunct professor.

Ed Schools as Allies to New Teachers of Color ~ Ethical Schools Podcast with Niki Fayne

Dr. Harriet (“Niki”) Fayne of Lehman College School of Education describes strategies to support new teachers and “second stage” teacher-leaders. She discusses ways to attract teacher candidates, reduce early-years attrition, and help teachers grow while staying in the classroom. Lehman builds ethics into leadership training and maintains long-term relationships with its graduates and the schools they teach in.

Podcast with Kym Vanderbilt on ethical early childhood teacher preparation

Ethical Schools interviews Kym Vanderbilt, Lecturer and Professional Development Liaison in the Early Childhood/Childhood Department at CUNY/Lehman College. Kym describes her students’ concerns about meeting the needs of teacher assistants and parents as well as children. She talks about the test-heavy teacher certification process, which is both intimidating and expensive for aspiring teachers of limited means, and how she tries to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for her students, staying in touch with them long after they become teachers themselves. To give us context, Kym gives us a fascinating overview of the complicated history of early childhood education.

Lehman Graduate, Teacher and Scholar Contributes Her Voice as an Undocumented Student

Dreamer… Out Loud: A Recognition of Courtne Comrie by Lawrence Patterson, NYC Men Teach Program Manager

Ms. Courtne Comrie

One of the more satisfying parts of working in the field of education is witnessing students realize their potential. Often times the road reaching that potential can be long and arduous requiring resilience and courage.

It was with great delight (and pride) to receive recently a copy of a writing workshop anthology one of our Lehman College graduates was included in. Ms. Courtne Comrie, our stellar NYC Men Teach scholar ambassador, graduated Spring 2019 with her B.A. in English (Creative writing) and is starting her first year as a Department of Education teacher.Ms. Comrie is a writer who has had work published in The New York Times and is now a contributor to DREAMing Out Loud: Voices of Undocumented Students. These heartfelt narratives personify the intestinal fortitude, hope and courage many of our CUNY students have to call on to meet not only their educational goals but life goals

Also visit, Pen America/The Freedom to Write – DREAMing Out Loud

NYCDOE Early Childhood & Childhood Paraprofessionals Invited to Take Coursework (free tuition/6 credits) as “Bridge” Program to Special Education Graduate Degree and Teaching! APPLY NOW!

The City University of New York Para “Bridge” Program in Special Education


Lehman College offers a year-long, 2-course, NYCDOE-sponsored Para “Bridge” Program to support Childhood and Early Childhood school paraprofessionals currently employed by the NYC DOE beginning in the Fall of 2019.

As a participant, you will:

  • – Study children’s needs and development from culturally and linguistically perspective with a focus on disabilities.
  • – Learn, apply, and reflect on instructional and assessment strategies for supporting students with special needs.
  • – Be able to transfer the 6 credits to complete a graduate program leading to certification in either Childhood or Early Childhood Education Special Education stand alone or with a bilingual extension. Candidates may have an opportunity to enter a rigorous graduate program if they successfully complete the 6-credit sequence and meet other admission requirements.

Benefits of the Para Bridge Program:

  • – Free tuition and fees for 6-credit sequence*
  • – Personalized Advisement- Each candidate will receive regular, personalized advisement from a Graduate Program advisor/mentor to ensure s/he meets program requirements and support for Lehman College School of Education Graduate School application process.
  • – Preparation to Teach Special Populations of Learners- The program is designed to support teachers who teach children with special needs.

 *Note: Tuition and fees will be paid by CUNY, however, textbooks for courses are not covered.

Program will include:

  • – Fall 2019 
    • EDS 702 The Young Child with Special Needs Additional – Early Childhood
    • EDS 707 – The Childhood Student with Disabilities – Childhood
  • – Spring 2020 – TBD
  • – Workshops TBD

Documents needed to apply as a non matriculated graduate student:

  • – Bachelor’s Degree
  • – GPA 2.75 or higher
  • – Unofficial transcripts [from all institutions of higher ed you have attended in the USA and outside the USA].
  1. The fastest way:  order an e-transcript and have it sent to:
  2. The next fastest way:  order sealed, official paper transcripts and have them sent to YOU.  Bring them in to Shuster 158 ASAP — and UNOPENED (or they’ll no longer be official).
  3. Transcripts earned abroad MUST be BOTH translated AND evaluated by ONE of the companies approved by Admissions BEFORE the candidate can apply.
  4. Candidates who earned a B.A. from another country must also submit TOEFL scores.

  • – Proof of US CITIZENSHIP or legal immigration status AND NYS RESIDENCE for at least 12 months prior to the first day of class (e.g., a lease or deed dating back to August of last year if you plan to register for the fall.)
  • – Proof of NAME CHANGE if your name changed since any of the transcripts was issued.
  • – If you were born after 1957, evidence of having had the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Meningitis vaccines (you can waive the latter only).   See requirements and medical forms here:

  • – If you attended high school in another country, you need to take the TOEFL Exam.

Your application fee is waived per the agreement between the DOE and CUNY.

First step:

Contact Professor Anne Marie Marshall at (Childhood Education) or Professor Cecilia Espinosa at (Early Childhood Education).

Let us know via email of your interest in becoming a childhood or an early childhood non-matriculated graduate student in the ParaBridge Program (special education) and include the following information:

  • – First and last name
  • – Your undergraduate major and GPA (reminder, it must be at least 2.75)
  • – Current place of work and grade level
  • – Which program are you interested in apply to?
    • Childhood Special Education
    • Early Childhood Special Education

Second step: 

If you qualify you will receive an email from Dr. Marshall and Dr. Espinosa letting you know you have been accepted.

Third step:

You will receive an email asking you to bring Lehman College/CUNY SHUSTER Hall – Room 158 the application documents. Your contact person in the Office of Graduate Admissions is Ms. Lourdes Sanchez. You can contact her at Lourdes Sanchez ( 

Fourth step:  To Apply

  • – To create an account for ApplyYourself by clicking the link in the following:
  • – Once you are registered with ApplyYourself, then click “Begin Application Here” and choose:
    • – Application Type: Non Degree
    • – Applying For: Para Bridge Program
    • – For Term: Fall
    • – For Year: 2019
  • – Submit all the documents stated above.
  • – You are not required to pay the application fee. The system will prompt you to pay but simply ignore the prompt.

Please note: Applicants that have applied for a previous semester (degree-seeking, non-degree, or readmit) and wish to submit a new application, must create a new USERNAME and PASSWORD and use a new e-mail address in order to apply.

Application deadline: August 16, 2019