Panel 1: [Liz, Francisco, Jasmyn, and AJ were four ordinatry Lehman students until the day they went on the journey that would transform them into... The Researchers. It all began in the Carman Cafe...

The four friends are seated around a table in Carman Hall Cafeteria.

Francisco: "Man, I got so much to do this week. I'm gonna go nuts!"


Panel 2: [Close on Liz, Francisco, and AJ]

Liz: “Did you finish your English 120 paper yet?

AJ: “What paper?”


Panel 3:

A cell phone erupts in a loud “Ring! Ring!” The phone’s screen displays “Caller Mom”


Panel 4: [Split screen of Liz and her mother on the phone. Her mother balances the phone on her shoulder while she washes dishes]

Liz: “So, what did the doctor say?”

Mom: “It’s diabetes. But don’t worry about it, dear. You’ve got school.”


Panel 5: [Also split screen. Liz is distraught]

Liz: “But I can still help, right?”

Mom: “Let’s talk about it tonight.”

Liz: “Ok, I love you.”

[/End of transcript]