Vincent HoSang: 2013 Community Leadership Award

Vincent HoSang, CEO/President, Royal Caribbean Bakery / Caribbean Food Delights, was awarded the Community Leadership Award at the Lehman College Foundation’s 2013 Recognition Awards Ceremony — Dinner with the Stars.

Mr. HoSang was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and immigrated to the Bronx in 1968. From a single fast food restaurant, he and his wife built a multi-million dollar business and the largest Jamaican frozen food plant in the United States. His company’s success has enabled him to support higher education and public health initiatives in Jamaica and the United States.

“I’m pleased and delighted that Lehman College over the years has provided quality education at affordable prices,” said Mr. HoSang. “So it’s very important to give back. Education is very important — if you’re not educated, you can’t get a job.”

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