LISTEN: Fieldwork of a War Machine: Aldo Civico on Sicilian Mafia and Colombian Paramilitaries

Aldo Civico is an assistant professor in anthropology at Rutgers University and the founder of the International Institute for Peace. Since 2001, he has conducted fieldwork in Colombia on paramilitary death squads and drug trafficking. Between 2005 and 2007, Civico facilitated ceasefire peace talks between the government of Colombia and the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army. Originally from Italy, he joined the 1990s anti-mafia social movement in Palermo, Italy, and was a senior adviser to the mayor and anti-mafia fighter Leoluca Orlando.

This talk, recorded on December 2, 2013, was part of the Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies’ Fall lecture series. It was co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and Herbert H. Lehman Center for Student Leadership Development.

LISTEN HERE: Sicilian Mafia and Colombian Paramilitaries: Fieldwork of a War Machine
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