Prof. Edward Kennelly Traveling to Hong Kong on Fulbright to Research Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor Ed Kennelly and Students in Greenhouse

Dr. Edward Kennelly is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, School of Natural and Social Sciences at Lehman College. He is pictured in the Lehman College greenhouse with some of his students from left: Harini Anandhi Senthilkumar and Adam Negrin, both doctoral students in plant sciences and Shi-Biao Wu, a post doctoral student. Here they sample and take notes on a cacao plant. Kennelly has received a Fulbright Fellowship. © Audrey C. Tiernan

Lehman College congratulates Professor Edward Kennelly of the Department of Biological Sciences for his 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholarship to research modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Hong Kong. He is one of 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals selected for the prestigious honor.

Dr. Kennelly will work with colleagues at the Institute for Chinese Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as he performs fieldwork, in vitro activity testing, and chemical analysis in an effort to better understand how selected modern TCM formulas may exert their effects.

As traditional Chinese medicines continue to grow in importance outside of China, so does the need for a thorough understanding of how it is used and how it works. “TCM as practiced in Hong Kong offers a unique opportunity to study both a well-regulated system of complementary medicine, and one that is undergoing rapid modernization,” explains Prof. Kennelly.

Dr. Kennelly’s research focuses on the biological activity of certain compounds found in plants, also known as phytochemicals. He is specifically interested in phytochemicals with biological activity that may help to prevent or treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer.

In addition, Dr. Kennelly serves as the Executive Officer of the CUNY Graduate Center’s Program in Biochemistry.  He teaches and mentors students in the CUNY Ph.D. Subprogram in Plant Sciences and Biochemistry at the Graduate Center. His lab maintains close collaborations with Columbia University,  The New York Botanical Garden, Minzu University (Beijing).