New Summer Course Prepares Teachers for National Board Certification

Lehman’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies will offer a new course this summer, aimed at helping Bronx teachers prepare for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification.

Created through a partnership between the United Federation of Teacher’s (UFT) NBPTS Support Program and Lehman’s School of Education, “Understand and Prepare for National Board Certification” (TBC01) provides a professional development opportunity for teachers who may have considered applying for NBPTS Certification but may not know what the process entails.

“This course fills a void, and for many teachers who are Bronx and Westchester residents, it does so close to home,” says Elvani Pennil, director of Field Experiences and the Professional Development Network within the School of Education. She has been working to provide professional development opportunities for the School’s alumni, students, and teachers in the College’s partner schools since joining the staff in 2009.

“Aside from being a tremendous professional development opportunity, NBPTS Certification can be substituted for the additional thirty credits that are required for teachers with master’s degrees to take advantage of the New York City Department of Education salary differential.”

In addition to providing teachers with an overview of the NBPTS process, the course provides a continuum of learning and support for all teachers by introducing them to the principles of accomplished teaching, as defined by NBPTS.

The course meets for ten, two-hour sessions from August 7 through September 29, and will be taught by Seth Guinals-Kupperman, a National Board Certified Teacher and certified NBPTS Candidate Support Provider. Guinals-Kupperman has also served as a mentor for the UFT Teacher Center.

“The overarching mission of NBPTS is to advance the quality of teaching and learning,” says Pennil. “Teachers in the Bronx and in the other areas that Lehman serves should have an opportunity to learn how the certification process works so that they can be more effective and reflective, thereby improving the quality of education available to students in these communities.”

For more information on the course, contact Lehman College’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies at 718-960-8512 or click here.