Lehman School of Education Rated One of America’s Best Programs 1

Preparing “competent, caring and qualified teachers” is something that the Lehman School of Education has long excelled at—and now a new national ranking is affirming the program’s excellence.

The ToBecomeATeacher.org ranking of the highest quality college education programs places Lehman College as the No. 11 program in the United States and No. 5 in New York. ToBecomeATeacher.org is an online resource that provides students with information to help them navigate their educational and professional careers.

Lehman scored the highest ranking of any school in the country on ROI (Return on Investment), a calculation based on school cost, financial aid availability, post college debt, and salaries after gradation. This score is a critical one for students who want to graduate with the least amount of possible debt.

“Our school of education is strong because we have a very powerful mission,” says Harriet Fayne, the dean of the school of education.  “LUTE (Lehman Urban Transformative Education) is the conceptual framework that guides our work. In all of our 25 educator preparation programs, we affirm diversity, educate for equity, empower learners, and help each individual to realize his or her potential.”

Many teachers trained by Lehman go onto successful careers in the Bronx around the city and throughout the country. Two recent graduates teaching in New York were recently presented with the prestigious Sloan Awards for excellence in science and math teaching.

ToBecomeATeacher.org reviewed every college in the country that offers a bachelor’s degree program in education, using an “algorithmic tool” to analyze data.  The goal of the rankings is to help students find the schools that will provide the best fit for them.

The rankings were based on criteria that include college cost, graduation success rates, college acceptance rates, ROI and post-graduate earnings.

“What this ranking says to me is that we will no longer be the best kept secret in higher education,” says Fayne. “The Bronx is experiencing a renaissance. The borough deserves a highly regarded college with excellent teacher preparation programs. Lehman is well known for providing Bronx teachers for Bronx schools.  Now others will see that focusing at the local level and working collaboratively with community partners can bring national attention.”