Lehman Alumna Natalie Collette Wood Featured in NYT’s Sunday Routine

Natalie Collette Wood aboard the Bronx Children's Museum's bus. Photo by Gregg Vigliotti for the New York Times

Natalie Collette Wood, who earned her Master’s of Fine Arts Degree from Lehman, was featured in the  New York Times’ Sunday Routine segment. The story appeared in the July 26 paper with the headline: “Taking a 46-Foot Museum on the Road.” Wood is the program director for the Bronx Children’s Museum and is the curator for the organization’s traveling bus, which makes up to two and three stops around the Bronx on Sundays.

Here is an excerpt:  Even after the new Bronx Children’s Museum opens on the Harlem River in 2017, Natalie Collette Wood, 33, the program director, will continue to share her peripatetic exhibits and mural-making aboard the organization’s traveling bus. “This is the way we think a 21st-century museum should run,” she said. “The Bronx is extremely hard to get across from east to west. We are out in the community building relationships.” Sunday, then, is prime time to take the museum on the road. But Ms. Wood also schedules time for her own artwork and to relax with her boyfriend, Victor Vildósola, 37, a musician, with whom she lives in the Morrisania section of the borough, along with a new puppy, a Chihuahua mix named Oliver. Read more at nytimes.com