Grad Student Attends Bloomberg 2016 International Women’s Day Summit; Calls it an ‘Empowering Experience’

Lehman College Grad Student invited to 2016 Bloomberg International Women's Day Summit

Seun Olufemi is a graduate student pursuing a master's in finance. She was invited to attend the 2016 Bloomberg International Women's Day Summit

Seun Olufemi, a graduate student studying finance, was invited to participate in the Bloomberg 2016 International Women’s Day Summit. The event is held each year to celebrate the impact of women leaders, showcase achievements, and highlight opportunities to inspire change in cities around the world.

“I was honored to be selected to attend the summit,” says Olufemi. “It was the perfect opportunity for me to further my academic and career goals, and celebrate the achievements of women world-wide.”

Participants heard from guest speakers, including CUNY Vice Chancellor Andrea Davis and Ann Bilotti, co-chair of Bloomberg’s Women’s Community and R&D Agile. In addition, they took part in networking activities and résumé-building workshops, and received one-on-one mentoring.

“The environment was truly inspiring,” says Olufemi. “I was over the moon to be there.”

International Women’s Day is an official holiday in 25-plus countries. In honor of this holiday, Bloomberg held 60 events in 20 cities globally, up from 20 events in 11 cities over last year.