CUNY’s Mexican Studies Institute at Lehman College named for Businessman Jaime Lucero

Jaime Lucero

Jaime Lucero

The City University of New York’s Board of Trustees has named the Mexican Studies Institute at Lehman College in honor of immigrant and successful businessman Jaime Lucero, who has worked closely with the University on educational outreach programs, assisting in the establishment of the institute and funding scholarships for students.

The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute, founded more than two years ago as a University-wide institute, works to boost enrollment of Mexican and Mexican-American students, foster research with and about Mexico and Mexicans in the United States, and collaborate with community-based organizations to support and empower the Mexican immigrant community.

Chancellor James B. Milliken said: “We are excited to partner with Mr. Lucero, whose motto is ‘economic and political empowerment through education,’ which is very consistent with the goals of the Institute.”

Lehman President Ricardo R. Fernández said: “It is especially fitting that the only institute dedicated to Mexican Studies on the East Coast will now be named after Mr. Lucero, an immigrant from Puebla, Mexico, who came to this country, worked his way up and became a successful businessman. With this commitment, Mr. Lucero is creating a pathway for others to get an education, achieve their goals, and partake of the American Dream.”

“I was very happy when the Institute of Mexican Studies was formed at Lehman College, said Mr. Lucero, who provided a gift to the Lehman College Foundation to establish an endowment and assist the Institute in its educational goals. “It is extremely important that we work with it to offer more educational opportunities to the community. Education is an urgent need for everybody who comes to this country.”

Lucero was born in 1957 in the Mexican state of Puebla. He arrived in the United States in 1975 and, like many immigrants, knew little English and possessed little money or marketable skills. He found a job as a dishwasher at a Queens restaurant. Thanks to his ambition and work ethic, he was able to buy a truck and begin a delivery business. Ten years later, he established a warehouse. Today, his New Jersey-based Gold and Silver Inc. is one of the largest importers and distributors of high-end clothing in the United States.

Through it all Mr. Lucero has never forgotten the help he received along the way. He is the founder and president of Casa Puebla New York-New Jersey, a nonprofit organization that seeks to support and promote the Hispanic community and culture, both in New York and in Mexico.

“Mr. Lucero has generously and tirelessly dedicated his time and resources to his community for four decades,” said Dr. Alyshia Gálvez the Director of the Institute. “We are so proud to collaborate with Mr. Lucero whose decades-long commitment to education in the Mexican community matches our own mission.”