CUNYfirst Training Courses Now Available for Faculty and Staff

March 14, 2012 12:10 pm CUNYfirst, Faculty, Students

Students at Library TableIn early April, CUNYfirst will become the official system for Lehman students, staff, and faculty to access personal records, enter grades, pay bills, register for classes, and perform a host of other functions previously managed by SIMS, eSIMS, and other disparate systems. CUNYfirst, which stands for “Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool,” is currently being implemented in waves throughout the CUNY system. Now, CUNYfirst training sessions for Lehman faculty and staff are underway.

Functional areas covered by the training sessions include admissions, financial aid, advisor self services, student financials, campus community, and student records. The faculty adviser self services course is intended only for faculty members responsible for advising; courses for faculty without advising responsibilities will be offered in late April and early May.

It is important for faculty and staff to claim their CUNYfirst accounts before signing up for these sessions. Visit for instructions.

A complete list of training courses is available at Faculty and staff should review these course descriptions and determine which courses cover their area(s) of responsibility. Then they should send an email to to register.

Registration for the various courses is on a first-come, first-served basis. Any questions about CUNYfirst training should be directed to