CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving Now Underway, Lehman Organizers Recognized

(l.-r.) Rivera, President Fernández, and Necula. The two women were recently honored for their work on the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving with the Goal Buster Award and the Chairperson’s Trophy Award.

For years, Maritza Rivera and Maria-Cristina Necula have orchestrated the annual CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving for Lehman College—coordinating with team captains, facilitating the giving process, and acting as cheerleaders and dispensing moral support when the giving is slow. Their efforts paid off big last year when not only did Lehman surpass the $30,000 goal, but we did so by exponentially increasing the number of participants.

Rivera and Necula were recently honored for their work with the Goal Buster Award for going above the targeted goal and the Chairperson’s Trophy Award for achieving the highest increase in percentage participation from CUNY—both awards were a first for Lehman.

“I’m very proud to accept this award on behalf of our team captains, without whom we would not have been able to do this work,” says Necula, director of Alumni Relations at Lehman. “It truly is a team effort and everyone who worked on this brought such a wonderful sense of enthusiasm, making it a great project to work on.”

Neither Rivera nor Necula could explain just what made the last campaign such a success. “It was probably a combination of our persistence and building up excitement for the cause,” says Rivera, associate director of Compliance and Diversity.

The two are getting ready to launch the 2015 campaign, titled “The Power of One. The Strength of Many.” The drive will run from October through early January. Through the campaign, donors can select from a host of organizations or scholarships available at Lehman.

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