Crains 5boros: My Boro: Eva Bornstein’s Bronx

By Haylin Belay/ Crains 5boros:

When Eva Bornstein began her tenure as the Executive Director of the Bronx’sLehman Center for the Performing Arts, she was a self-described Upper East Side snob who believed there was nothing the Bronx could do that Manhattan couldn’t do better. More than a decade later, Bornstein is a Bronx convert, working tirelessly to bring some of the biggest international musical and cultural acts to the Lehman stage. Here are three of her favorite destinations (soon to be yours, too) in the borough:

For a little tree-huggin’
I’m a huge nature-lover and an animal-lover, so I take advantage of all the open space in the Bronx whenever I can. It’s so nice to not have people right on top of you! I absolutely adore going to the Bronx Zoo, and I could spend hours at the Botanical Gardens.

For some local flavor
Before I moved to the Bronx, I’d never really tried Puerto Rican food—not even when I traveled to Puerto Rico! Now, I can’t get enough of the Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican and Cuban restaurants in the borough. In fact, if you like Cuban food, I recommend Havana Cafe; they serve some of the best Cubano food and drinks in the city.

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