Alternative Vehicle Technology Conference at Lehman Oct. 28

The latest green vehicles will be on display at the conference.

The Center for Sustainable Energy of Bronx Community College will convene its Seventh Annual Alternative Vehicle Technology Conference and Expo at Lehman on Friday, Oct. 28. The event will be held in the Lovinger Theatre, as well as the East and Faculty Dining Rooms of the Music Building. It is free and open to the public, but registration is required at

Filmmaker Chris Paine (Who killed the Electric Car?) will deliver the conference’s keynote address at 9 a.m.. While his early film questioned the role of the auto industry and government planners, his views have evolved since then. This address comes on the heels of the recent release of his new film, Revenge of the Electric Car.

In addition, the conference will once again bring together speakers from the public and private sectors, regional fleet managers, and technology companies to discuss the latest incentives, policies, and alternatives. It will also provide the opportunity to see, ride, and drive over thirty “green vehicles.” The conference’s “Vehicle Display: Ride & Drive,” will give participants the opportunity to learn first-hand about the newest automobile innovations in the field.