A Science Community Grows at Lehman

The new Center for Theoretical and Computational Sciences opened its doors in March with a special symposium held in New Science Hall. The goal of the Center is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among students and faculty in the departments of chemistry, math and computer science, and physics and astronomy; and to build a robust science community.

“This Center is the first of its kind at Lehman,” says the Center’s director, Dr. Daniel Kabat. “The idea behind it was that we have all this really wonderful and interesting research being done by our faculty and our students, and there should be a place where it could all come together.”

Dr. Kabat envisions the Center as a productive work environment where students from these various departments can work in collaboration instead of in isolation. The space, which is located on the second floor of Gillet Hall, is still in the design stage, but eventually it will be outfitted with high performance computer clusters.

During the symposium, several members of the faculty spoke about the scientific work being done in the Center:  Prof. Tom Kurtzman discussed his work with Prof. Gustavo Lopez in the Chemistry Department, developing computational techniques for molecular design. Dr. Kabat gave an overview of theoretical research in the Physics Department.  Prof. Megan Owen from Math and Computer Science spoke about her work with Prof. Katherine St. John on the many applications of tree structures, and Prof. Brian Murphy spoke about computational techniques for special classes of matrices.

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the CTCS scholarships by Provost Dr. Anny Morrobel-Sosa to three students: Mirna Znait (Math and Computer Science), Anthony Cruz-Balberdy  (Chemistry), and Juan Guerra (Physics).

The symposium ended with an overview of the HPCC supercomputing center at College of Staten Island, presented by Nikos Trikoupis.