Campus Technology: How Lehman College Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access to Video

January 16, 2014 3:40 pm In the News

A new video learning platform at Lehman lets students access course content via any mobile device.

By Toni Fuhrman

Between lecture capture, flipped classrooms, student video assignments, and other multimedia learning resources, there’s an awful lot of video content floating around on campuses these days. Students look up information in video format, record their lives and experiences on video and expect video options in their curriculum — and they want to view it on whatever mobile device they’re using at the moment.

“Today’s students are the first ‘mobile generation,’ said James Cross, educator in residence at online video platform provider MediaCore. “They expect the online services that are provided to them as part of their university experience to be available via the devices with which they identify — mobiles and tablets.” His assertion is backed up by a September 2013 study from the Educause Center for Analysis and Research, which found that a whopping 76 percent of U.S. undergraduate students own a smartphone, and 58 percent own three or more Internet-capable devices. As the study stated, “Students hold high expectations for anytime, anywhere access to course materials and for leveraging the use of their personal digital devices inside and outside class.”

“Look on YouTube,” Cross added. “Much of the content is produced by students. Universities are realizing that they need to allow their students to access learning via their mobile device, to share content, and to have the opportunity to do a video rather than write an essay. Over the last 18 months, universities have been focusing on video content because it’s one of the best ways to make use of mobile devices.”

The growing demand for mobile-ready video recently drove Lehman College, a CUNY liberal arts college located in the Bronx, to seek out a video learning platform. With no method in place for organizing video and audio media, the institution needed a media repository that was easily accessible, matched the look and feel of their website, allowed single sign-on and had lecture-capture capabilities.

More important, Lehman wanted to create a platform on which students, faculty and staff — with the proper permissions — could access, upload and share videos to enhance learning, while making them accessible on any device, for use anywhere.

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