Lehman College Wins Outstanding Achievement in Alumni Outreach

May 17, 2013 9:35 am Alumni, Alumni Relations

Alumni Affairs Director Maria-Cristina Necula, center, with Tony Martignetti, left, and Carlos Flynn, University Dean for Institutional Advancement, on the right.

Maria-Cristina Necula, Director of Alumni Affairs at Lehman College, was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Achievement in Alumni Outreach Award at the CUNY Philanthropy Forum held at the Graduate Center last month.

“I felt very honored to receive this award and to be included among my outstanding colleagues throughout CUNY,” Necula said. “This recognition is a truly meaningful acknowledgment of all the work of my three years at Lehman, work that couldn’t have been successfully accomplished without the invaluable support of the Institutional Advancement team and many other colleagues throughout Lehman. I share this award with all of them. It brings an added inspiration in continuing to expand the outreach to alumni, and explore various possibilities of engaging them to their alma mater and to each other.”

Necula was recognized for her outstanding work in expanding the office of Alumni Affairs. Recently, she organized several events to help alumni better connect with their alma matter, such as the second annual Richard Tucker Foundation concert in the Multimedia Center, Lehman’s on-campus reunion for the first graduating classes of 1968-1975, the Lehman College Donor Recognition Reception, and a professional networking event in Manhattan, among others.

Carlos Flynn, University Dean for Institutional Advancement, started the CUNY Philanthropy Forum in 2010 as an opportunity to encourage CUNY’s fundraising efforts and create a platform where philanthropists can exchange ideas with CUNY leaders.

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