Prof. Sanford Speaking This Week in Madrid on Feminicide and Armed Conflict

February 21, 2012 1:52 pm Anthropology Dept, Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies, Faculty, School of Natural and Social Sciences

Professor Victoria Sanford

Anthropology Professor Victoria Sanford will give a course this week on “Feminicide and Armed Conflict: Truth, Justice, and Reparation Against Impunity” at La Casa Encendida Cultural Center in Madrid. The course is designed for legal practitioners, human rights and humanitarian NGOs, students, teachers, and others interested in human rights in Guatemala.

She also will participate in a roundtable discussion, entitled “Feminicide, Armed Conflict and Militarization: Women Facing Armed Groups.” Other speakers will include Spanish Supreme Court Justice Carlos Castresana, who is the former director of the United Nations’ Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, and Luz Mendez, president of the National Association of Guatemalan Women.

Professor Sanford, who directs the Lehman Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies, is an expert on the Guatemalan genocide and has authored several papers and books on the topic, including Buried Secrets: Truth and Human Rights in Guatemala (2003), Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala (2003), and Guatemala: Del Genocidio al Ferminicidio (2008).


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