Vito Acconci

American poet, sculptor, performance and video artist, designer
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93 Grand

Ad for performances at 93 Grand, NYC.

A Discussion with Terry Fox, Vito Acconci, and Dennis Oppenheim

Conversation between the three artists about their participation in a performance at the Reese Palley Gallery, New York.

A Space

Description of the Canadian non-profit art space.

Art Tapes

Advertisement for Art Tapes.

Avalanche Video

Advertisement for Avalanche Video. Describes contents of current and future videos available.

Body as Place – Moving in on Myself, Performing Myself

Descriptions and photos of the several video and performance pieces.

Body Works

Ad for the video exhibition Body Works at Breen’s Bar, San Francisco Oct. 18, 1970.

Body Works: A Pre-critical, Non-definitive Survey of Very Recent Works Using the Human Body or Parts Thereof

Essay by Willoughby Sharp on body art.

Carp, Los Angeles

Description of Carp, an art venture formed by Barbara Burden and Marylin Nix.

Circuit: A Video Invitational

Describes the exhibition “Circuit: A Video Invitational” curated by David Ross. Includes list of venues and participating artists.

Concentration – Container – Assimilation

Descriptions and illustration of the following pieces by Vito Acconci.

Drifts and Conversions by Vito Acconci

Photo spread by Shunk-Kender of two pieces by Acconci.

Early Work: Movement Over a Page

Excerpts from poems and brief descriptions of early performances by Vito Acconci.

Early Work: Moving My Body into Place

Descriptions and photos of the several early works by Vito Acconci.

Excerpts from Tapes with Liza Béar

Discussion between Vito Acconci and Liza Béar.

Galleria l’Attico

Advertisement for Galleria l’Attico, includes a list of artists.

Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

Summaries of events at the gallery over its first eighteen months of existence.

Introduction: Notes on Performing a Space

Acconci writes on the role of movement, bodies, and space in performance and working methods.

Messages: Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci mentioned in the Messages section of Rumbles.

Messages: Vito Acconci

Description of Anniversary Waltz performed by Vito Acconci at Galleria Schema, Florence.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Description of the college. Includes mention of visiting artists, student work, local galleries, and artworks.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Lithography Workshop

Ad for lithographs from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Lithography Workshop.

Occupied Zone – Moving In, Performing on Another Agent

Descriptions and photographs of the several pieces by Vito Acconci.

People Space – Performing Myself Through Another Agent

Descriptions and illustrations of several pieces by Vito Acconci.

Performances & Activities

Advertisement for John Gibson Gallery, 27 East 67th Street, NYC.

Powerfield – Exchange Points – Transformations

Descriptions and illustration of several pieces by Vito Acconci.


Description of the exhibition Software.

Sonnabend Gallery Videotapes

Advertisement for videotapes available through Sonnabend Gallery New York and Paris.

This is Your Roof!

Description of “This is Your Roof!” an exhibition of video work shown at the international art festival Meetings in Pamplona Spain, June 26-July 6.

Vito Acconci

Advertisement for gallery show.

Vito Acconci

Advertisement for exhibition March 27-April 24.

Vito Acconci

Piece of writing dated Sept. 27, 1971.

Vito Acconci at Galerie D

Advertisement for exhibition at Galerie D, Belgium.

Vito Acconci at L’Attico

Advertisement for exhibition at L’Attico.

Vito Acconci at Modern Art Agency

Advertisement for a Vito Acconci exhibition at Modern Art Agency, Naples.

Vito Acconci at Sonnabend, Paris

Advertisement for a Vito Acconci exhibition at Sonnabend Gallery, Paris.

Vito Acconci exhibit

Mention of an exhibition at Galleria l’Attico.

Vito Acconci Residency

Announcement of an upcoming residency at the Nova Scotia College of Art.

Vito Acconci, Claim

Photo and description of the piece Claim, performed by Vito Acconci on Sept. 10.

Vito Acconci…Command Performance

Interview between Vito Acconci and Liza Béar.

Windsor Electronics

Advertisement for Windsor Electronics.

Windsor Total Video

Advertisement for Windsor Total Video.