Suzanne Harris

American dancer and artist
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98 Greene Street Loft

Advertisement for 98 Greene Street Loft performances.

Food Opening

Description of the unofficial opening of the artist run restaurant Food.

Girouard and Harris at 112 Greene

Tina Girouard and Suzanne Harris midnight rites at 112 Greene to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

Harris at 112

Description of Suzanne Harris’s solo exhibition at 112 Greene Street Gallery.

Illustrated Time-Proscenium II

Photos and description of Illustrated Time-Proscenium II.

Messages: Anarchitecture

Mention of the artist group Anarchitecture.

Richard Serra & Robert Bell…Prisoner’s Dilemma

Liza Béar interviews Richard Serra and Robert Bell.

Steve Paxton: Like the Famous Tree

A dialogue with Liza Béar that was recorded at various locations in Vermont.

Tape-Video Live at Leo Castelli

Description of Tape-Video Live a one hour video performance in the front room of Leo Castelli’s downtown gallery.

The Natural History of the American Dancer

Description and photo of the dance The Natural History of the American Dancer.

Tina Girouard ‘If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’ On the Road to Catahoula: A Dialogue with Liza Béar

Interview with Tina Girouard. Includes several photographs.

Windsor Electronics Works with Artists

Advertisement for Windsor Electronics, 652 First Ave., NYC.