Rafael Ferrer

Puerto Rican painter, sculptor, and installation artist
Additional info: http://www.davidcastillogallery.com/rafael-ferrer/

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112 Greene Street: An Interview with Alan Saret and Jeffrey Lew

Interview took place at Alan Saret’s Spring Street studio on Nov. 17, 1970. Interviewer uncredited. The interview discusses the history of the space, how exhibitions are arranged, and how artists were chosen to exhibit their work. Pieces from the inaugural exhibition that took place Oct. to Dec. 1970 are pictured and reflected upon by the […]

Castelli Warehouse

Advertisement for exhibitions at Castelli Warehouse, 103 West 108th Street NYC.

I Dedicate These Works to Those Artists Who Are Still Alive

Advertisement for several exhibitions of works by Rafael Ferrer occurring in 1971-1972.

Messages: Rafael Ferrer at Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Brief description of Ferrer’s solo environmental show at the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art.

The Hartford Art School

Advertisement for Hartford Art School lists visiting artists.


Brief description of the Triennale-India and an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Includes list of participating artists.