Chris Burden

American sculptor, performance, and installation artist
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Avalanche Video

Advertisement for Avalanche Video. Describes contents of current and future videos available.

Chris Burden

Advertisement for a Chris Burden exhibition at Mizuno Gallery.

Chris Burden at the Poolerie

Photo and description of the piece Dreamy Nights.

Chris Burden Update

Description of several pieces by Burden including You’ll Never See my Face in Kansas City, Bicycle Riding Piece, and I Became a Secret Hippy.

Chris Burden’s “Oh, Dracula”

Description of Burden’s performance piece.

Chris Burden’s Dead Man, LA

Description and photograph of Dead Man performed by Chris Burden at Riko Mizuno’s gallery on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Chris Burden: B-Car

Description, photo, and price of Burden’s B-Car.

Chris Burden: The Church of Human Energy. An Interview with Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar

Interview with Chris Burden includes photos and descriptions of several works.

Chris Burden…Back to You

Chris Burden interview with Liza Bear.

Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

Summaries of events at the gallery over its first eighteen months of existence.

Joseph Beuys and Chris Burden

Advertisement announcing Joseph Beuys’s and Chris Burden’s representation by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.

Messages: Chris Burden

Description of Through the Night Darkly by Chris Burden.

Newspace Announces the Publication of a Set of Prints by Chris Burden

Advertisement for prints by Chris Burden produce by Newspace, printed by Cirrus Editions.