Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

Summaries of events at the gallery over its first eighteen months of existence including “Writerratio” organized by G.Howell, a monthly film series organized by L. Lundy,  “Artparkart”, documentation of work by 23 artists from Artpark’s 1975 season. Performances and exhibitions included Wallflower Halls by Vito Acconci, which opened on Halloween; The Fall of Western Industrialism and the Automobile by Chris Burden ; “Dadaday”organized by Larry Lundy that featured performances by Eberhard Blum, Sally Rubin, and the Creative Associates. “Video Show/Show Video” a four part survey of artists using video, organized by Robert Longo that presented Recall, an installation by Dennis Oppenheim, Restage by Dieter Froese, and Forward, an installation by Rita Myers. Bill Beirne presented Breaking up is Hard to Do. Steina Vasulka showed 2 pieces using moving cameras, and on weekends the Videozone displayed tapes by Beuys, Nauman, Palestine, and others. Visiting artists included Alan Saret, Paul Sharits, and Woody Vasulka. Includes a list of upcoming shows in 1976-1977 and visits by artists Charles Simonds, Joel Shapiro, and Roger Welch.

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